Stavroupoli : A stroll in the city

Edited by Hercules Papaioannou

Published by University Studio Press ,
Thessaloniki, December 2018
16.5 x 21 cm. 36 pages
ISBN: 978-960-12-2428-2

“In Stavroupoli, on the north-west of the city, modern settlements appeard duringthe first half of the 20th century, when Thessaloniki began to spread beyond its historic walls. During the First World War units of the Orient were installed in the area, in whitch large chifliks (landed estates) still dominated. As a tragic reminder of the War, the largest military cemetery in the country still exists in a neighbouring municipality. The area was later settled by refugees seeking a new home, whitch definitely marked thw area. The photographers of this year’s Stroll scoured both the main streets and narrow lanes of Stavroupoli in an effort to capture its distinctive character through both formal and informal views.

Alexia Prassa leaves the central streets of Stavroupoli behind her in order to explore its inner heart, an area where humble dwellings alternate with clusters of modern multistoreyed blocks of flats, sharply contrasting the spirits of two different eras. She makes a meticulous study of the local neighbourhood, one whose anonymous face is roughly hewn between necessity and capability. And she discovers there unexpected punctuation marks, such as the picture of a bride or those of world-famous football stars that hint at the hopes of another life, or a tree trunk that seems to twist strangely before the absolute rectilinearity of the buildings.”

The book was printed in 500 copies an magno satin 170 gsm paper, design by RED CREATIVE, printing by Yorgos Scordopoulos, binding by Ioannides P.C